Department of Sociology

Sociology is a discipline in which the emphasis is put on the examination of the social development and social changes along the history, and the clarification of various interactions and relationships in social context.  It also aims to help people to understand the connections between personal environments and social structures, to cultivate a capacity of reflexivity in terms of existential values and meanings, and to create the opportunity of social reform for improving our society.  The Department of Sociology was therefore established based on the above purposes.  In accordance with Fo Guang University’s spirit of humanity and multi-disciplinary integration principle, the department also endeavors to fill the gap between traditional ideas and modern discourses, and to promote dialogues between sociology and other disciplines so as to enhance mutual support and cooperation in order to extend related academic studies.  With regard to teaching, the department also cultivates students’ senses of humanity by inspiring them with living experiences during teaching sessions as a means to evoke the power of potential social practice.

Although sociology is a discipline that originated from empirical study, the contributions of this discipline are not limited to empirical research if we consider the essence of humanity.  Therefore, the department also focuses on humanistic approach when it comes to social research in addition to empirical investigation.  The purpose in this regard is to balance subjective interpretations and objective descriptions as well as to develop localized theoretical explanations for Taiwanese society.  Theses focuses have become the foundation of the department in terms of the localization of sociology in Taiwan .  Under the leadership of former director Professor Chien Hsieh, Professors Chung-Feng Lo and Su-Chuan Lai, the department has already established a proper foundation with the potential for further development.  In the future, the department shall also mark its uniqueness on the academic world in Taiwanese society.