Futures of Institute

Under the guiding principles of research and education, our Institute will network with international institutions so as to develop ourselves into an important node in this international network. Besides our international orientation, we will also be engaged in future national development by cooperating with national bodies in the industry and government to ground our research and development. This will enable Futures Studies to take root within the country and our society.

Some important areas of development:

  1. Starting from a research basis, develop useful applications so as to successfully combine research and application.
  2. In coordination with the university’s direction of development, adopt the university and graduate school system of grooming future talents in the long run.
  3. Develop close working relationships with industry and the government to provide Futures Studies knowledge and service, as well as provide futurist training and talents to these organizations.
  4. Engage in national and international exchange of information and talents.
  5. Develop futures indicators and methods so as to better predict futures trends nationally and internationally.
  6. Through academic activities, exchange and service to the society, plug ourselves into the futures studies network in the short-term; develop international academic activities to establish ourselves as Asia’s futures studies center in the medium- and long-term. This latter goal can be done through international journals, periodicals, conferences and the establishment of futures studies centers.
  7. Set up a “Futures Studies Research Center” and a “Futures Studies Information Center”, as well as publish futures studies journals and engage in futures investigations into specific domains.
  8. Work with internationally renowned futures associations to organize international conferences and research proposals. Our university is a member of the World Future Society.

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