Educational Goals
  1. Enable our students to recognize the possible challenges and opportunities facing us in our rapidly changing society.

  2. Assist our students develop forecasting, decision-making and planning capabilities.

  3. Groom integrative abilities into our research to enrich individual specializations with broad-based knowledge to solve dynamic problems.

  4. Develop futures research into information, society and culture as short-term domain of emphasis; and use STEEP as an integrative methodology for medium- to long-term emphasis; the futures of our economy and society will be our primary concern, with technology and environment as secondary.
  5. Research into the field of futures studies through the involvement of primarily faculty members, together with national and international scholars in order to discover, predict and investigate future problems.
  6. Deploy a nucleus of futures studies experts engaged in the design and teaching of Futures Studies curricula.

  7. Identify new research directions by using existing academic and research resources to integrate information from seminars, interviews of experts and international conferences to benefit industry, government and academia.
  8. Actively engage in the teaching and research into Future Studies, as well as promote the futures orientation of education.

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