Accredited by the Ministry of Education

Integrates modern academic studies in the humanities with traditional Buddhist monastic life

Establishes the internationalization of Buddhism amidst a world tending towards globalization.

Following its promotion from a college to a university in 2006, Fo Guang University received authorization from the Ministry of Education to establish the College of Buddhist Studies , which not only aims to produce talented people who are both educated and virtuous, but also aims to bring Buddhism forward in the direction of globalization.

The College of Buddhist Studies consists of both an undergraduate and graduate studies Master's program. A unique feature of our Master's program is that all classes are conducted in English. Application to both programs is not limited by nationality.

Strong Line-Up of Qualified Professors

Our College faculty currently consists of eight full-time professors who specialize in various areas of Buddhist and Asia studies. Additionally, we have visiting professors and scholars from Europe, Japan , Sri Lanka , Taiwan , the United States , etc.

Rich Learning Resources, International Direction

The College provides an exceptional learning environment for our students, who have access to a variety of learning resources. For example, to expand their areas of interest and knowledge, students are encouraged to enroll in or audit classes in other departments of Fo Guang University. Additionally, students have access to a vast-array of educational tools and resources, such as classrooms with state-of-the art multimedia visual and audio equipment and use of the University library and affiliated resources and research tools. Our rich network of resources provides an excellent international teaching and learning setting that serves to expand students' knowledge and understanding of Buddhism in the global arena.

Our relatively young College of Buddhist Studies has currently enrolled three classes of undergraduate and graduate Master's students that come from over ten different countries, including the United States , Canada , Argentina , Australia , Singapore , Thailand , Malaysia , South Africa , Indonesia , Philippines , Vietnam , etc.

With classes and activities that place equal emphasis on practice and theory, our students are provided with a rich learning environment for both academic and personal growth.

Emphasis on the Practice of Buddhism to Empower Life

In addition to taking courses that fulfill departmental major requirements, students are also required to participate in “practice” classes which integrate the principles of Buddhism into everyday life. Through daily participation in morning and evening chanting, meditation practice, cleaning, cooking, and other chores, students are immersed in an environment of academic training paired with religious cultivation that leads to self exploration and empowerment. (At the beginning of each winter and summer break, students participate in a one-week intensive Buddhist practice retreat at Fo Guang Shan Monastery.)

During their time at the College of Buddhist Studies , each student is entitled to an annual scholarship of NTD 100,000. The purpose of this scholarship is to allow students to focus on their studies without the burden of financial concerns. (Undergraduate students can receive the scholarship for a maximum of four years, while Master's students can receive the scholarship for a maximum of two years.)



To foster talents through education" is the objective of Venerable Master Hsing Yun, who is the founder of Fo Guang University. He is backed by a solid foundation of more than 40 years of experience in organizing Buddhist Colleges and establishing universities in the United States, Australia and throughout the world.


1. To nurture Buddhist leaders with qualities of virtue and disposition
2. To nurture international Dharma propagators with global visions
3. To nurture social service personnel with noble religious sentiments
4. To nurture teachers and researchers with expertise