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Digital Library
 Wireless Internet Access provided within the library.
 Omnibearing digital academic research information available.
 High-standard audio-visual rooms for individuals, pairs, small and large groups.
Inter-Library Loan Services
In order to promote academic research and literature exchange, abide by the principle of resource sharing, and enable users greater access to other libraries, inter-library loan services have been established to enhance exchange of library collections and information.
Wang Yun-wu Reading Room
A collection of Wang Yun-wu’s works and thread-bound versions, journals, newspaper and related information can be found within this room, most of which are pre-70’s literary information, a very percious collection of the library.
User-Friendly Reading Environment
In addition to a rich collection of publications and digital facilities, the library also provides more than one hundred flexible reading areas including reading desks, Chinese-styled reading desks, and couch areas so as to enable professors and students to comfortably relax while researching and studying within the library.

       Fo Guang University
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