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About Fo Guang University(3)

佛光英文版-About Fo Guang University(3)


    Fo Guang first began with the Graduate School, offering Master and Doctoral programs, and gradually progressed towards recruiting undergraduate students, which is an unprecedented approach in the history of Taiwan’s education. The undergraduates recruited are also regarded as prospective graduate students for Fo Guang University, where teacher-student interaction are pre-enhanced. Young adults with interests in academic studies will surely receive better care than any other universities.

    Although still a young university, Fo Guang pays great attention to historical lineage. By gathering teachers of excellence, their research and teaching experiences will stimulate student’s will to learn and pursue knowledge, and also nurture their noble and graceful characters.

    Fo Guang was established with humanities as the main focus, so as to actualize the learned and accomplished humanistic education in traditional learning academies, and to blend into the developing trend of worldwide universities. In terms of being a modern university, Fo Guang aims for a multi-disciplinary development that covers humanities, sciences and technology. We believe that academic study abilities, learned and accomplished characters, added with cross-domain experiences, will contribute in preparing for advanced learning in graduate schools, as well as entry into chosen careers. Furthermore, these will become the students’ first step onto the world stage.

       Fo Guang University
No.160, Linwei Rd., Jiaosi , Yilan County 26247, Taiwan(R.O.C.) 
TEL:(886 3)-9871000