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About Fo Guang University(2)

佛光英文版-About Fo Guang University(2)

 The Talented on Linmei Mountain

A Propitious Home of Excellence
An exquisite forest university filled with a constant flow of vigor, here is an ideal and peaceful environment for self-discovery, and pursuit of knowledge. Our diverse teaching and research facilities, and friendly and close professor-student interactions will provide you with the most ideal place for study.
With the goals of glorifying traditional culture and becoming a model for modernized universities, and with an excellent lineup of professors, this young university will enrich and nurture your critical thinking skills, and enable to you take the first successful step into the world. 
Situated in Linmei Village, Chiaohsi Township, Ilan County, Fo Guang University was founded by Venerable Master Hsing Yun – founder of Fo Guang Shan Monastery. With the ideal of nurturing talents through education, he established the “Million-Member Fundraising Campaign,” gathering the kind support and intentions from millions of people and established this university. Covering 57 hectares of land and situated at an altitude of 120-435 meters, the campus faces the beautiful eastward Lanyan Plain with a clear view of Turtle Island lying on the Pacific Ocean.
The campus buildings are constructed according to the terrain, and adapt the architectural style of classical Chinese learning academies, while the roadsides are covered with flowers of the four seasons, added with a variety of trees and plants creating exquisite scenery. When covered in a light cloudy mist, you would feel as if in paradise. The University is truly worthy of the title – The most beautiful university campus in Taiwan. 

       Fo Guang University
No.160, Linwei Rd., Jiaosi , Yilan County 26247, Taiwan(R.O.C.) 
TEL:(886 3)-9871000