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International Student Admission for Fall Semester 2014

佛光英文版-International Student Admission for Fall Semester 2014

佛光大學 Fo Guang University

International Student Admission for Fall Semester 2014
一 申請人須於每年2月1日至4月30日(秋季班)、10月15日至11月15日(春季班)檢附以下證件向本校教務處提出申請:
Applicants are required to submit,
between February 1 and April 30 (Fall semester)
October 15 and November 15 (Spring semester ) each year,
the following documents directly to the Admission and Registration Section of the Office of Academic Affairs of Fo Guang University.
外國學生申請入學簡章 (Guidelines for International Students Applying to FGU)
申請 資格 (Application qualification)
【國籍 Nationality
(一) 具外國國籍且未曾具有中華民國國籍,於申請時並不具僑生資格者,得依本辦法規定申請入學。
The foreign student (neither ROC citizens nor overseas Chinese of foreign nationalities) who apply to FGU are subject to the school regulations in foreign student admission.
(二) 具外國國籍且符合下列規定,於申請時並已連續居留海外6年以上者,亦得依本辦法規定申請入學。
1 申請時兼具中華民國國籍者,應自始未曾在臺設有戶籍。
2 申請前曾兼具中華民國國籍,於申請時已不具中華民國國籍者,應自內政部許可喪失中華民國國籍之日起至申請時已滿8年。
3 前二款均未曾以僑生身分在臺就學,且未於當學年度接受海外聯合招生委員會分發。
Those who have resided overseas for more than six consecutive years and meet the following qualifications are also eligible to apply for admission to this university:
1 One who holds both the nationality of ROC and that of another country, but has never had any household registration in Taiwan.
2 One who once held the nationality of ROC., but has lost it and it has been over eight full years from the date the one obtained the permission of our Ministry of the Interior to renounce the nationality till the date of making the application for admission to this university.
3 The one referred to in the preceding two subparagraphs has never studied in Taiwan as an overseas Chinese student and will not apply for the school assignment from the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students in this academic year.
To have one year’s consecutive residency overseas means to stay overseas no less than 245 days that same year. The length of residency is counted up to the date of enrollment, that is, August 1 for the first semester or February 1 for the second semester.
What we call “overseas” refers to any area or country other than Taiwan, the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, and Macao.
An individual, who has both foreign and R.O.C. nationalities and has applied for an annulment of his/her R.O.C. nationality before Feb. 1, 2011, the effective date of this amendment, is then qualified to apply for admission under the original regulation as an international student and is not subject to the limitation as prescribed in Paragraph 2.
【學歷 Educational (or academic) background
(一) 符合教育部採認之高中、大學或獨立學院畢業者(請參考教育部國際文教處網站http://www.edu.tw/bicer/ )。申請學士班者需具國外高中畢業或以上學歷、申請碩士班者需具大學畢業或以上學歷、申請博士班者需具碩士畢業或以上學歷者。
Applicants who have graduated from a high school, college or university recognized by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan can apply for admissions (please refer to the website http://www.edu.tw/bicer/). Foreign students with a foreign high school diploma or above are eligible to apply for undergraduate programs; bachelor's degree or above for Master programs; and Master's degree or above for Ph.D. programs.
Applicants with equivalent qualifications to the academic degree system of Taiwan can apply for admissions.
The application eligibility is based on "MOE Regulation Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan." If the MOE (Ministry of Education) Regulations were revised, the most updated MOE Regulations shall prevail. For the latest information regarding the MOE Regulations, please contact MOE(http://www.edu.tw).
申請至本校秋季班就讀之外國學生申請日期自2014年2月1日起,應備文件及相關規定應以中華民國教育部網站公布之最新「外國學生來臺就學辦法」之規定為準,請申請者隨時查閱教育部網站( http://english.moe.gov.tw/content.asp?CuItem=7996)及本校網站。
The international student application period for Spring semester 2014 begins on October 15, 2013. Requirements and regulations can be found on the Ministry of Education (MOE) Website. The most up-to-date version of the MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan is also posted on the MOE Website at http://english.moe.gov.tw/content.asp?CuItem=7996 . Before submitting application, please check the MOE and Fo Guang University websites for important information and updates.
【其他申請注意事項 Miscellaneous
(一) 除全英語教學系所外,申請人應具備中國語文讀、聽、說、寫之能力。
Applicants must have a reasonable command of reading, listening, speaking and writing in Chinese language, except for those applying to English-taught programs.
(二) 申請入學依本校學則及「佛光大學外國學生入學辦法」辦理。
International students’ application for admission is based on “FGU Study Regulations” and “FGU Admission Guidelines for International Students”.
報名費用規定 (Application Fee Guidelines)
(一) 手續費美金35元或新台幣1000元。
Application fee US$35 or NT$1000.
(二) 繳費方式(How to Pay the Application Fee)
Should the application fee be remitted to the university account, please enclose a copy of Bank Telegram Transfer receipt. The sender’s name must be the same as the applicant’s.
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