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Language Instruction Center

佛光英文版-Language Instruction Center

     Fo Guang features the Chinese Language Instruction Center, which is dedicated to serving the needs of non-native speakers of Chinese from all over the world seeking an education in Chinese language and culture. An experienced faculty and comprehensively planned curriculum provide students with a keen interest in Chinese language, thinking, customs and culture with the requisite training and guidance to speak effectively.

Summer Intensive Program(8 weeks)
Make the most of your summer break with a carefully crafted term to boost Chinese language skills while providing a broad and intense cultural experience.
Each week consists of four days of classes, four hours of language instruction per class day (one hour of one-on-one instruction, three hours of instruction in four - to six-student classes), along with one school-wide hour of hands on, direct involvement in two of the traditional Chinese arts - calligraphy and tai-chi-chuan (taught on alternating days). Long three-day weekends provide ample opportunity to travel around Taiwan or enjoy Yilan’s many water sports or cultural activities. Two weekends will feature school-arranged off-campus group outings, promising a summer filled with a rich mix of training and growth for mind and body.
Academic Year Program (16 weeks each term)
The regular academic year consists of two terms (Autumn/ Spring) of classes, four hours a day, five days a week, each term for 16 weeks. Monday through Thursday classes will consist of one hour per day of one-on-one language instruction and three hours of language instruction in classes of four to six students in size. Friday classes will consist of two hours of school-wide lecture/ discussion classes on topics in Chinese society and culture. The other two hours of classes on Fridays will consist of hands-on participatory involvement in developing the skills of many of the Chinese fine arts, such as calligraphy, tea ceremonies, cooking, carving chops, and tai-chi-chuan. Extracurricular activities arranged by the Center will include cultural and social activities, scenic views and sports (to mark specific holidays or just for fun).
 Flexible Hours Program
This program is designed for students who require flexible learning arrangements (available during the 16-week Autumn and Spring terms, as well as the 8-week Summer term). Students may take a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 20 hours per week of language instruction in one-on-one  classes or classes of six to  eight students in size. Tuition for the flexible
hours program is US$7 per hour for group classes, and US$17 per hour for requested one-on-one classes. An initial application fee of US$50 (including proficiency test) must be submitted by the application deadline along with all application materials.

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