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About Fo Guang University

佛光英文版-About Fo Guang University


About Fo Guang University
Reserving Wisdom For Ourselves,
While Providing a University to the World
~Master Hsing Yun, Founder
    Fo Guang University is an unique institution of higher learning dedicated to providing a traditional liberal arts education of global outlook in the grand Buddhist spirit. However, students are neither required nor expected to study Buddhism or practice its tenets.
    All aspects of the learning environment have been considered in building a new kind of seat of learning in Taiwan where the spirit of humanities-based study and education can flourish and flower.
    Yilan—Only a 40-minute bus ride from Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei through the “Hsuehshan Tunnel” and an hour by rail from the island’s world-famous scenic spot of Taroko Gorge in Hualien.




       Fo Guang University
No.160, Linwei Rd., Jiaosi , Yilan County 26247, Taiwan(R.O.C.) 
TEL:(886 3)-9871000